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A mold test kit that finally provides a true picture of mold exposure for your clients.

EMSL is proud to be one of the first providers of a home mold test kit that was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Unlike other mold test kits for homes that use questionable science, these test kits are the most complete screening method available and the science and technology was developed by the EPA.

Here is how it works: a dust sample is collected from the home and analyzed using advanced DNA testing methods similar to the same laboratory techniques used in forensic investigations, only this time the sample is analyzed for specific types of mold.

The results are then compared to the EPA’s national database of homes and an easy to understand report compares the finding from the home to the EPA’s database of over a 1000 homes to show you how your property ranks.

The end result, a quick and affordable test with and EPA developed ranking of the homes "moldiness" for your clients.

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ERMI-36 mold species:
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Kit includes:
  • Vacuum Dust Sampler
  • Instructions
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  • Environmental Relative Moldiness Index Analysis
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  • American Relative Moldiness Index Analysis
Mold on inside of wall Mold spore magnified 100x
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